For almost all of us, home is the biggest investment we ever make, and our most precious asset. On the dollars-and-cents side of life, our home’s appreciation may be the best shot we have at building wealth, too.

On the human side – where do we begin? Home is where we experience all that our family and loved ones bring to life. From ordinary breakfasts on the run, to holiday memories, to conversations that change the course of our lives, this is where it takes place. Home is so important that it turns up in our dreams, and experts say the way we feel about home has a lot to do with our whole experience of the world.

Consider what’s at stake then, when an army of creatures so tiny that they work unseen for months, even years, attacks and leaves your home devastated. That’s what termites do. Termite treatment is, to your greater Richmond, VA, home, what your annual physical is to your body. It’s what you do to make sure your home is as healthy on the inside as it looks on the outside.

Without a plan of protection, it is only a matter of time before termites invade. Termite treatment is the least we can do to preserve such an important possession and protect such a vital asset.

Safeguarding a Way of Life

Once termites get started, it doesn’t take long at all for them to do damage that can be costly to repair. They can get started without warning and do their damage the same way. The signs are subtle. For months, it might appear that there is simply some swelling or buckling in the wood of a floor or ceiling. And the creatures themselves make a career out of going unnoticed. Termite treatment is the beginning of a termite control plan that protects your Richmond, VA, home proactively. It is essential to begin, and vital to carry on.

We begin with a thorough inspection of your property. Signs of termite activity are not the only things we are looking for. We take note of risk factors and bring them to your attention, too, because termite prevention goes hand-in-hand with termite treatment. Our trained technicians detect the subtlest signs of termite infestation and identify the threats and risk factors to remedy and avoid. Then we review our findings with you and recommend effective options, for termite treatment, for prevention, or both.

Prepared with What You Need

If signs of termite activity are found, or if a termite infestation has begun, liquid termite treatment puts an immediate answer at your service. Our experience with the leading liquid treatment available makes it possible to introduce a substance that termites transmit to other termites, putting their work to an end and wiping out the entire colony. This type of termite treatment is deployed in a perimeter around your home.

For prevention and ongoing protection, our professional exterminator can install a system of bait stations, scientifically proven to be more attractive to termites than wood. Taking advantage of the behavior of the beasts themselves, this bait prompts termites to lead other termites to it. The entire colony is destroyed with this type of termite treatment. Damage from inside your home or building is stopped. And our annual expert inspection ensures the system is continuing to be effective. A 12-month warranty is renewable and transferable.

Setting the Guard in Advance

Particularly in our part of the world, the time to think about termite treatment begins with new construction. Anyone who has experienced the devastation that even a little termite damage can bring to a home’s or a building’s value can tell you that it is far, far better to prevent it than to fix it. As a result, we offer termite pre-treatments.

After a professional termite inspection of the characteristics of your home, your building, and its site, we offer an array of options that may be called for individually, or in a prescribed combination. Liquid soil treatments, wood treatments, and bait stations are among the tools we can bring to prevention when it comes to new construction. All pre-treatments come with a 12-month, transferable warranty.

Know Your Enemy

As the greater area’s leading provider of termite treatments, we’ve been to school on what makes them tick, and we use that to your advantage in all our termite treatments. There are two types of termites commonly encountered in the home, the worker and the swarmer. The worker is cream-colored and only about 3 to 4 mm long. Typically, they are revealed only when a mud foraging tube – a tiny tunnel they use to go to and from work – is broken or when infested wood finally breaks open. To the untrained eye, they can be at work for months or years without detection, until the damage is already done.

The second type of termite is the swarmer, just slightly longer and dark brown or black in color. The swarmer’s job is to reproduce, and they are found close to the core of the colony. Neither type of termite is anything that you would ever want to see, particularly if you love your home.

Because their tiny size is part of their defense, because they commute to work, and because they can work unnoticed until it is too late, effective termite treatments use their colony behavior to carry the treatment throughout the threat and eliminate the activity completely.

Rely on Us

This discussion of what termites can do to your home or building might sound scary, but for us it is a reality that we face and overcome every day. Call us at one of the numbers below and let’s arrange a professional inspection that will set your mind at ease.

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