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Win the Mosquito War Once and for All

As the leading mosquito exterminator in the greater Richmond, Newport News, and Williamsburg areas, Eco Pest Control has won its share of mosquito battles. As such, we’ve learned a thing or two about mosquito extermination. First, we can’t stress enough the need for a professional mosquito exterminator to treat your Richmond, Newport News, or Williamsburg yard. Mosquitos carry many diseases and viruses that can be hazardous to your health, and the only way you are going truly protect you and your family is through a mosquito control program.

If You’re Not Ready to Hire a Mosquito Exterminator

Chemical Repellents

If you’re not ready to turn over your yard to a professional mosquito exterminator, then there are there some things you can do to reduce the likelihood that mosquitos will bite you. At the top of our list are chemical repellents that contain DEET, which is the gold standard ingredient for mosquito repellent.

If you’re concerned that DEET is not safe for you or your family, then you should know that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has approved DEET for use in people of all ages, including children. Another benefit of DEET is that it breaks down quickly in the environment, so it’s not considered harmful to wildlife.

The effects of DEET typically last for up to 12 hours. While many experts recommend using a repellent that’s 30% to 50% DEET for adults and 10% to 30% for children over two months, the Environmental Protection Agency does not put any restriction on the formulation for either adults or children.

Mosquito Traps

Mosquito traps are like having your own mini-mosquito exterminator by your side. Traps are designed to lure mosquitos by mimicking human breath, or CO2. The traps then kill the mosquitos using either adhesive glue, electric zap, dehydration, or drowning. This can be effective when you are attempting to eliminate these pests from a specific area, such as your backyard. Even better, because only female mosquitos bite, catching them the moment they’re looking for blood will prevent them from reproducing. While traps may not have the same impact as a professional mosquito exterminator, they can make a big difference if you place them in the right location and run them every day.

Our favorite mosquito traps include the Dynatrap and Flowtron. For more heavy-duty needs, the Mosquito Magnet is our go-to device.


According to the American Mosquito Control Association, mosquitos are relatively weak fliers. So, placing a large fan on your deck can provide a low-tech solution. Think about it: Would you want to fly into a 15-mile-per-hour headwind? Probably not, and neither do misquitos.

A Word About Citronella Candles

Who reading this article has not purchased a citronella candle? Truth is, we all have, because we’ve been led to believe that mosquitos can’t stand the smell of citronella. Unfortunately, science has proven otherwise.

In 2017, the Journal of Insect Science published a study that compared a dozen different mosquito products, all available on Amazon or in local stores. The scientists placed a cage full of mosquitos near a human volunteer, who sat three to 10 feet away, with a gentle breeze blowing from the human toward the mosquitos. The breeze not only made it easier for the mosquitos to smell the humans, but also meant that they had to fly against the breeze if they wanted to bite them. The scientists applied each mosquito repellent (or device) to the volunteer, opened the cage, and counted how many mosquitos were attracted. They also ran controls where the volunteer had no protection.

What worked? These three products did the best job of repelling mosquitos:

  1. OFF! Clip On, where just 27% of the mosquitos were attracted,
  2. Cutter Lemon Eucalyptus, with 30%, and
  3. Ben’s Tick & Insect Repellent, with 34%.

What didn’t work at all? Citronella candles. In fact, “the citronella candle combined with a human subject attracted slightly more mosquitos that the human bait person alone.” In other words, you’re better off without a citronella candle than with one.

Why You Need a Professional Mosquito Exterminator

Mosquitos are known to be one of the deadliest insects on earth and a mosquito infestation can put your life at risk. Viruses spread by mosquitos include St. Louis encephalitis, Eastern equine encephalitis, denguechikungunyaWest Nile, and Zika.

Prevention is always better than the cure, and even though the above home remedies can supply some relief, they are not prevention techniques. So, before mosquitos ruin your next family get-together, call Eco Pest Control, the best mosquito exterminator in the greater Richmond, Newport News, and Williamsburg areas.

Eco Pest Control is pleased to provide the most advanced mosquito control solutions for residential and commercial properties. We offer our customers the best services they need to keep these disease-carrying nuisances at bay, allowing you to reclaim your yard.

Our Mosquito-Free Guarantee

While nothing can eliminate every mosquito from your property, our mosquito exterminators are so well trained, and our service works so well, that we guarantee you will not be bothered by mosquitos between treatments. If you are, all you need to do is call us, and an Eco Pest Control mosquito expert will return to reassess your property and, if necessary, re-treat at no additional charge.

When Should I Call a Mosquito Exterminator?

The best time to call a mosquito exterminator is before you have a problem. Mosquitos are a fact of life in the greater Richmond, Newport News, and Williamsburg areas, and if you don’t take preventive measures against mosquito infestations, then it’s only a matter of time before you have one.

Our skilled mosquito exterminators will treat specific areas of your property – including shrubs – where mosquitos hide during the day, when they are least active. It’s best to start a prevention program early – even as soon as March – to prevent mosquitos from breeding on your property once April brings warmer weather. Regular treatments are then recommended during the warm months of the year, right through October, when the colder weather keeps mosquitos at bay.

Our highly trained exterminators have years of experience treating mosquitos, which is why you can trust Eco Pest Control to protect your home and your yard. Contact us today to find out which plan is best for you or to schedule a free mosquito inspection with an exterminator anywhere in the greater Richmond, Newport News, and Williamsburg areas.

Lets End Malaria Together

Eco Pest Control donates $5 for every mosquito treatment provided to Nothing But Nets, a global grassroots campaign to raise awareness and funds the fight against malaria. Each $5 contribution covers not only the cost to purchase and ship a mosquito-protecting and lifesaving bed net, but also to educate adults on how to properly use the nets.

Every two minutes, somewhere in the world, a child dies from malaria. Nothing But Nets works with UNICEF and UNHCR to protect refugees and families who are most vulnerable to malaria. Some of these families have fled conflict, while others have been displaced by natural disasters or political unrest and have left everything behind. After all they have endured, these families shouldn’t have to fear a deadly mosquito bite. Nothing But Nets is committed to protecting these families so they can be healthy and thrive.

And Eco Pest Control, as the leading mosquito exterminator in the greater Richmond, Newport News, and Williamsburg areas, is equally committed to advancing support of this cause.

Why Eco Pest Control is the Leading Mosquito Exterminator in the Greater Richmond, Newport News, and Williamsburg Areas

There’s a lot of mosquito exterminators in Richmond, Newport News, and Williamsburg, but there is only one Eco Pest Control. Along with our support of the Nothing But Nets campaign, we give you four additional reasons why you can trust us to take care of your mosquito problem.

  1. Our mosquito exterminators are certified, and every member of our team undergoes extensive training in the identification, treatment, and control of mosquitos.
  2. Training of our staff doesn’t stop after their initial certification. Eco Pest Control maintains an ongoing mosquito education program to ensure everyone on our team stays abreast of the latest industry advances.
  3. We offer free mosquito inspections.
  4. We also offer a mosquito-free guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with your mosquito service, we will come back for free, which is why so many of our customers recommend us when friends and family need an exterminator.


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You will receive friendly, effective service every time a technician comes to your home. You’ll always receive notification prior to and after coming to your home or place of business to perform your service. If you need a scheduled appointment, we will be on-time. If you’re on one of our recurring treatment plans and you see more than the occasional insect between your regularly scheduled treatments, we will come out and retreat your home for free – no questions asked. We’ll also match competitors’ prices.