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Termite Inspection and Exterminator


Termite Inspection and Exterminator



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Our Termite Control Offerings

At Eco Pest Control, every termite treatment plan begins with a thorough inspection, which is just one reason why we are a leading termite exterminator in the greater Richmond, Newport News, and Williamsburg areas. Our service technicians are trained to not only notice the subtlest signs of a termite infestation but also to observe risk factors that could lead to future problems with termites. Our termite inspection conducted by one of our specially trained exterminators will determine whether you have an active infestation. Our findings – along with your input – will help us develop a termite control plan that works for you. We offer several termite control treatment options to provide you with the protection you need.

The Sentricon System

The Sentricon system is effective, environmentally friendly, and the most recognized name in termite bait stations. Following your termite inspection, your Eco Pest Control professional exterminator – who is certified in the Sentricon system – can install and maintain your system.

Sentricon’s magic is in its Always Active™ technology, which works by using termite bait that is scientifically proven to be more appealing than wood. Once a few termites take the bait, they will lead other termites to it. This spreads the bait to other members of the colony until the entire termite colony is destroyed, stopping further damage from inside your home or building. Your Eco Pest Control termite exterminator checks the bait station during your annual inspection to ensure its ongoing effectiveness. In addition, our termite inspection and exterminator plans come with 12-month warranties that are renewable and transferable.

Liquid Termite Treatment

Eco Pest Control also offers homeowners and business owners in the greater Richmond, Newport News, and Williamsburg areas Termidor, which is the leading liquid termite treatment on the market. If you choose this treatment following your exterminator’s termite inspection, then your technician will apply Termidor in the soil around the perimeter of your property to form a continuous barrier of protection. Termidor’s active ingredient is a termiticide. As soon as a termite crosses the barrier, it picks up the termiticide and transmits it to other termites, eventually wiping out the entire colony. Just like Sentricon, our liquid termite control treatments come with a 12-month warranty that is both renewable and transferable.

New Construction Pre-Treatments

For new construction, termite pre-treatments are the way to go, allowing you to preemptively protect your home from termite damage. We offer several options for pre-treatments, including liquid soil treatments, wood treatments, and bait stations. We warranty all pre-treatments for 12 months, and the warranty is transferable. Following an initial on-site termite inspection, our Eco Pest Control termite exterminator will offer the best options for your situation.

When Do I Need a Termite Inspection and Exterminator?

Termites live in every state in the country, except Alaska. If you don’t protect your home or commercial building against termites, it’s only a matter of time before they invade. Termite protection is of vital importance, which is why Eco Pest Control offers the best termite exterminator services available. For more information on our termite inspections, click here.

Most termites that infest a home or business are subterranean termites – meaning they live in colonies in the soil. They require moisture from the soil to survive and can travel hundreds of feet to reach a feeding site. When they are ready to eat, they emerge from the soil in search of their primary food source – wood. The wood in your home is an easy target for termites, and they have the power to be massively destructive; termite damage totals more than $5 billion per year, according to the National Pest Management Association. As a home or business owner, you should be aware of the termite risk to your property, especially because most insurance policies do not cover termite damage – all the more reason to trust our professional termite exterminators for your next termite inspection and treatment plan.

At Eco Pest Control, we know how important it is to protect your greater Richmond, Newport News, or Williamsburg home or business from the threat of termites. We also understand that every family has different needs and concerns, which is why our certified termite exterminators work with you to develop a termite inspection plan that will protect your home and family in a way that works for you. Termites don’t stand a chance when you partner with Eco Pest Control. To request your free termite inspection or schedule your termite control service with one of our exterminators, contact Eco Pest Control today.

Learn More About Termites

Why Eco Pest Control is the Leading Termite Inspection Company and Exterminator in the Greater Richmond, Newport News, and Williamsburg Areas

If you wait until you visibly see signs of termites in your home or office, then it might be too late. Be proactive and call Eco Pest Control, the leading termite inspection company and exterminator in the greater Richmond, Newport News, and Williamsburg areas. What makes us different than all the others? Here are four reasons you should trust us to protect your property from termites.

  1. Our termite exterminators are certified in termite inspection and control, and every member of our team undergoes extensive training in the identification, treatment, and control of termites.
  2. Training of our staff doesn’t stop after their initial certification. Eco Pest Control maintains an ongoing termite education program to ensure everyone on our team stays abreast of the latest industry advances.
  3. We offer free termite inspections, and each plan comes with a 12-month warranty that is renewable and transferable.
  4. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with your termite inspection and control plan, we will come back for free, which is why so many of our customers recommend us when friends and family need an exterminator.

Our Service Guarantee

You will receive friendly, effective service every time a technician comes to your home. You’ll always receive notification prior to and after coming to your home or place of business to perform your service. If you need a scheduled appointment, we will be on-time. If you’re on one of our recurring treatment plans and you see more than the occasional insect between your regularly scheduled treatments, we will come out and retreat your home for free – no questions asked. We’ll also match competitors’ prices.

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