Pest infestations are exhausting. Whether it’s ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches, rats, or rodents, pests can infiltrate your life. While there are solutions on the market, many have ingredients that yield dangerous side effects. For many people, especially families with young children, this is not an option. Instead of treating pests with harmful chemicals, Eco Pest Control offers a different solution: Green pest control.

What is Green Pest Control?

Despite their reputation for instantly clearing infestations, chemical pest solutions can cause more serious issues overall. Even after the pests are gone, these chemicals continue to contaminate the environment, leading to accidental poisoning of people, pets, and animals. Pesticides can linger for years, meaning chemicals are infiltrating the air, soil, and water for far longer than your actual initial pest infestation.

Green Pest Control uses organic materials found in nature that are proven to counteract with the pests that infiltrate your space. Although the exact compounds vary depending on the nature of your pest problem, our green pest control can include peppermint (for ants, cockroaches, and more), cedarwood (for moths, slugs, and snails), lemongrass (for mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks), lemon, tea tree oil, sage, and more.

Green Pest Control Benefits

Aside from eliminating pest populations in a healthy, environmentally friendly way, green pest control can provide smaller benefits along the way that you will notice immediately.

First, green pest control benefits the environment. Because chemical treatment solutions travel easily, their use has been linked to numerous studies done on the rapidly decreasing honeybee population, butterfly populations, and hummingbird populations. Chemical pesticides also impact smaller mammals, reducing their numbers because of lower reproductive rates brought about by lingering chemical pollutants. None of these are issues with green alternatives, because their components are found occurring organically in nature.

Second, chemical solutions are dangerous, must be sealed properly, and must be kept out of reach of children. For green pest control, this is no longer an issue. Our ingredients are safe to interact with, which means no harmful side effects from their use – unless you’re the pest, of course. On an even smaller note, toxic solutions also tend to leave an unsavory odor. You don’t get that with green pest control.

Overall, by focusing more on environmentally friendly methods of pest control, we can create an EPA-certified minimum-level of risk for pesticides, meaning that your friends and family will be safer interacting around our treatments.