This Christmas, give yourself the joy of simplicity – a pest-free home. Many people are looking for ways to reduce the stress of holiday shopping and focus on a calmer, simpler holiday, with the hopes to keep the calm through the new year. While planning ways to simplify the coming year, add pest control to your list. Here are four ways professional pest control can make your life better this holiday season.

1. It Keeps the Screaming to a Minimum

If you have ever been startled by a family member screaming, only to find out the ear-piercing squeal was because of a bug, then you could benefit from regular pest control. A regular pest control maintenance schedule will help keep your home free of unexpected and unwanted crawly things to help keep the calm in your home.

2. It Helps You Sleep at Night

This is the time of year when many of us are traveling, which means spending a few nights in a hotel or at grandma’s house. Either way, your risk of bringing home a bed bug or two increases during the holidays when traveling is more prevalent. Usually, it takes a professional to rid your home of bed bugs, which like to feast on your exposed skin when you sleep.

3. It Protects your Home

Termites remain active year-round – even during the winter. However, winter brings some changes in the daily routine of subterranean termite colonies. In cooler climates, subterranean termites typically move deeper into the ground during the cold season to access the warmth they need to survive. Regardless of how deep they are in the ground, they can do extensive damage. In fact, termites can eat 24 hours a day without being seen or heard.

4. It Makes for a Beautiful Spring

Winters in eastern Virginia are usually considered mild, which means that most bugs and insects don’t die, but overwinter in your yard instead. While you might never see a bug in your home this time of year, come spring, they will be out in full force – unless, of course, you have year-round pest control service that keeps unwanted bugs at bay before an infestation can occur.

Routine pest control can save time, effort, and worry throughout the year. Partnering with an experienced, local pest control company is the best way to keep these unwanted pests out of your home. Eco Pest Control’s technicians are trained to look for signs and evidence of a variety of pests and have the tools and expertise to keep them away. Give yourself a great holiday gift this year – the gift of a pest-free home.